Warning: Everything you see here is purely a proof of concept and may not be transferred to the real game (at least not by us ;) ) 

Welcome to Project Quimbly (Name patent Pending), a world where you can inflate and stuff all the bellies you desire. Play as a custom named character as you make your way through our wacky world. So far we only have DEB, a Project Quimbly programmed PleasureBot (name also patent pending), who's only goal is to make sure you have the best player experience!


Currently Implemented

  • Stuff Deb (With food pervert! Well for now at least)
  • See 20 drawn belly levels for Deb. 
  • Watch Deb's max grow every time you feed her. See her go from a skinny white girl to a largely stuffed white girl,  hahaha
  • Go to the store to buy food with money acquired from your job as a dishwasher
  • Have conversations with Deb. (Unfortunately no player participation yet)
  • listen to Deb get hornier and hornier as you feed her more.

Not Implemented but planned

  • 5 girls, maybe more as we're planning on doing crossovers with others in the inflation community ;)
  • Inflate girls with a handy mini game that's still in planning
  • A plethora of jobs to do
  • UI that doesn't make you wanna vomit
  • Sex... Like with big bellies. If people want that is. this is a touchy subject
  • Weight gain but only with specific girls
  • Dancing mini game to pick up chicks. (Very $wag)
  • Much, much more


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With all the talk about how they feel about getting fat, you need to implement something where the weight stays on after a certain point. Obviously, it's still in early development, but that should be something in the future.

this is a weird question to ask but can you get pregnant in the game or any NPC get pregnant or both NPCs and the player get pregnant?


Hey so I really love this game but I did find quite a few bugs and would like to file a full bug report to try and help, is it best I post that here or in the discord server?

discord server is the best place!

Im having a glitch where the background is just a green screen, and I can't progress throught the game in anyway. The phone still works and I can see the other options, but the background is just green and I can't do anything

updated it, redownload please :)

Hey, I really want to play the game, but whenever I start it up it gives me "

abort({}) at Error

   at  sjStackTraace (itch-cave://game.itch/QuimblyWeb/Build/QuimblyWeb.framework.js:2:16334)

at stackTrace(itch-cave://game.itch/QuimblyWeb/Build/QuimblyWeb.framework.js:2:16505)

at abort (itch-cave://game.itch/QuimblyWeb/Build/QuimblyWeb.framework.js:2:748)

at itch-cave://game.itch/QuimblyWeb/Build/QuimblyWeb.framework.js:2:25355

Does this mean something?

I think you somehow downloaded the web version? An update is coming out in about 10 minutes anyways so maybe it will work then

Ok, the update fixxed it. I can play it now. Thank you!

Can it be changed as follows?

1. If the NPC has been inflated that day, you must wait until the next day before you can inflate it again, but the picture of the NPC will be changed to the inflated appearance and maintained until the next day. The content of the conversation will also change due to the size of the NPC's belly.

2. Players have success and failure in dating. If they fail, they can continue to challenge the next day, or buy gifts from the store to increase the value. After becoming a partner, after inflating fake pregnant women dating, choose to go to the amusement park, go shopping, swim, and even entertain at home.

3. I don't know what the difference is except how much food is increased. Perhaps more differences should be added. It may be better to add prompts such as the maximum value and current year value on the screen.

4. Mini games are very boring. Sometimes dust will obscure the buttons. Maybe you can use more mini games, or choose the fast mode, and give a certain amount of money directly.

5. In addition to eating and drinking, gas expansion can increase fluid expansion, uterine expansion, or other methods. This will affect the content of dating entertainment.

well I'm not going to do all of those as it's A LOT of work and I'm trying to work at a steady pace but. 

1. Wish it was simple but can't do that atm
2. yes, already planned should come out in an update or 2
3. the max value increases by 5 every time you stuff a character
4. We're working on that but I don't want to reward the player for just stuffing a girl, the game play would be too repetitive
5. Interesting, I'm sure I could write something with this information!

what do you have planned for the non-patron updates? (magnificent game btw)

(1 edit)

Non-Patrons get the patreon updates but just later

that's fine keep on making this fantastic game ^^

I assume you're aware of this? When you're washing dishes, the spots keep appearing off-screen. Sometimes you can kind of see the spots peeking at the edge of the screen, but usually not and you're left just sitting there waiting for the timer to run out.

I wasn't sure about offscreen... Is this on mobile? I don't have a mobile device to test so it makes mobile development hard...

Nope, desktop downloaded.


aw man is it at least better than it used to be?  I keep working on it but the bounds of the plate are an enigma...

A bit, yeah. 

If you dont mind my asking when is the next planned update

It's already on our patreon but once we fix the bugs from that update we'll upload it here...
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TeamQuimbly
Discord: https://discord.gg/K7MnkSTFVp

Save no work me sad

yeah im on browser and the save system doesnt work, but only when i close the tab and boot it up again

Wait that save system worked for you Biscuits?! We've only got it to work on PC downloadable but not on the web version???

seroiusly? ive been saving and loading fine this whole damn time, some bugs are that it permanently saves ur inventory but money fluctuates between saves. but yeah, it works for me

Can you please join the discord me and all the programmers are stuck... https://discord.gg/vpqseunFQa

oooo uuhhh

i kinda have a seperate account for everything NSFW and dont have a seperate discord account for that yet

sorry but i can't join it till i make one, and even then its gonna be a hassle switching back and forth

Deleted 10 days ago

What version are you using

dude the first scene with sophia where MC gambles whether shed like the pretty face comment was honestly how most people feel doing stuff like that, and the "HAHAHAHH LESSSS GOOOO" when it works fucking slayed me props

Haha, thank you so much!

Where I can buy another pump? In game said that there is different pumps

(1 edit)

will you add buleberry inflation

(1 edit)

Actually maybe?

how do you get Amber to want to inflate

Amber's just simply not into it unfortunetly

The new update has many bugs such as grey screen is formed when I date with amber,also when I talk to amber it gets stuck. Not to say that the game is bad but the game has many bugs. The game still doesn't save my game when I reopen it.

Saving's being worked on but I updated like 5 minutes after release can you download the new version?

Still doesn't work

It's still giving you a grey screen? On the downloadable version?


I know that you probably have the newest version but just so we're on the same page can you download the newest version off of itch and then check if it still happens, like the one that is there right now?

Will there be an option to disable voices?

wasn't planing on it

how i can change the pump?

Not added yet :(

Playing on mobile and i hit a soft lock while feeding deb in that when she hits 25 fullness she just says fuck in a speech bubble but i have no prompt to continue

I know we're working hard on that

Why doesn't it save my progress on mobile?

I honestly have no idea, it seems to do well on every other platform

the web version seems to be non-functional on opera, could you possibly fix this?

I don't know, It's probably a unity thing, I'm sorry but the downloaded version isn't available due to a particularly nasty bug atm. Maybe try a different browser and let me know

(1 edit) (+1)

what happened to the pc download?

had to remove it due to problems, use the web version for now and we'll fix the downloadable version next update... Sorry :(


is ok. great game btw!

there will be a dancing mini game?

and what do you mean by pick up chicks... mean like a character that can be found in a club you dance in or say custom made girls cus you said 5 girls will be added to the game but you never sad more than 5 so what's the idea here...

just a question i hade that i wanted to ask nothin more nothin less.     

1. I am planning on it, the game right now is sort of a sandbox but in the full game the club would be where you could pick up some girls

2. if you dance well enough you would be able to pick different girls depending on how well you dance

3. 5 girls are planned (not including crossover events) more may be added afterwards when the game is complete as well as more may be added anytime! 

Hope this clears things up

ok thank you


playing on PC and i hit a soft lock while feeding deb in that when she hits 25 fullness she just says fuck in a speech bubble but i have no prompt to continue betting its a bug just wanting confirmation  


Yeah, I'm having the same issue


same here

We're working on this right away, for now use the web version... Sorry!

膨胀是十分硬的,我不能吨 通货膨胀

打败充气迷你游戏的最简单方法是抽水直到压力达到 75%,然后用鼠标摩擦她的腹部以加快失去压力的过程。


En el último tramo la carga de la barra se detiene y no avanza :( estoy intentando entrar desde un dispositivo móvil

(1 edit)
raro, pensé que la barra de carga ya no estaba allí. ¿También intente tocar la pantalla?

Great game! But...how was i suppose to get the other pumps again. I dont know where they are


They're not availible yet... sorry

This is a pretty good inflation game but just wondering would there be a body inflation option in the future? and also maybe a sfw and nsfw option for the mini games?   

hmmm... Well no matter what this game is pretty NSFW so I don't really see a need to make it SFW, also describe body inflation? Breast and ass expansion is planned but not  like the inflation where the character just becomes a circle.

(1 edit)

Body inflation is where a person body inflates into a sphere I'm pretty sure if u look u in DA or Google it on images you might understand what I mean, The reason I ask cuz if this is gonna be a inflation dating game yours gonna be more ways to inflate Deb or that other chick lol, I'm pretty sure adding body inflation would really spice up things cuz just filling up a belly with air or food might get boring and u might u want to get really creative like u said breast and butt inflation would make things fun :)    

Edit: oh yeah what I mean by the sfw and nsfw thing like have a option to remove clothing when doing the inflation mini games lol 

is it just me or is the game broken at the moment?


Probably best if you mentioned if you're on your phone, or on PC, or whatever, that way the dev can narrow down your issue.

Also, no the game isn't broken on my PC, though I've never tried playing it on my phone.

(1 edit)

On PC. None of the options past the tutorial exist no matter what screen size or window type I use. Either it's not optimized for my screen of 1366 x 720, or... idk.

I'm using the downloaded version too.


did you make a new save? Old saves are not compatible

i start right from the beginning,

nothing works


press "h" it is the button to hide and unhide the UI... If that doesn't work play in windowed

Am I tripping or is there no more mobile port..?

The mobile port is not functioning properly so I stopped it for the moment


Ah, understandable, have a great day

If you haven't gotten it yet, the android version is up now!

Is this the update you were talking about on patreon


It's the Improved version yes. In fact it has much more than that one. The next patreon update will come out next month!


Hi ! your games are funny ! Can I make a few videos of it ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenues from that by posting on porn website)


100% yeah! We will totally watch them! There will be an update this week so I'd say you should wait! if you want to stay active with development and have somewhere to post your video where we'll see it, please join the discord (https://discord.gg/JbwwfdAWDA)

Thanks a lot !

Can you fix the screen rotate and screen scale in android?

Working on that for the next update! It's a little more complicated then you think... :(

Am I missing something in the inflation minigame. Do you just inflate them a bit and just wait a minute for the pressure to go down?

you can rub their bellies by having your mouse on the belly while holding left click. It makes the pressure go down 3X faster


I'm looking forward to your next update

I am too :) !

I'm only asking because i saw it are the girls going to be able to gain weight because i saw in debs dislikes it said she does not like weight gain which makes me think that they might be able to gain weight just wondering if that's going to be a thing or not.


It will, just only for certain girls. Some just don't want to gain weight. The new character being added will like it.

i know this probably something you cant answer at this time but any idea on the next update or are just going to go finish the game and then release it


This game is going to be huge I don't think it will be 100% done for a couple years or so. The next update should be coming sometime in september

One thing i wanted to ask is how is the weight gain going to work like is there body going to get bigger or is it going to look like they just have a stuffed belly 


Is there a changelog anywhere for the updates as they happen?


well in the updates channel of the discord

Finally decided to join the Discord, only to find link in the game is expired or invalid.



don't know why it's not working in the game but this should work


Hey, this is a random question, but could I make a character for this game? I have some ideas, and if so, do you have any social medias I could send the character sprites to you, or a phone number so i can text you?

Hey! Why don't you join the discord as we can have further discussion there


one second, I have to make an account

the game you made is still buggy, and the feed button just least me blank, have you ever tried to fix the game? 

(1 edit)

Everyday! What do you mean my “leave me blank” and what platform are you on

when I say leave it blank I meant the text box is literally blank like you can't go next nor can you go back, like it is so glitched out, that I can only use the task manager to x out the game. I hope this crap gets fixed.

Are you playing the newest version? I have yet for someone to report this bug.

yup the newest version

Web Android or Downloaded? Also what system are you running? Can you repeat this bug? If so what are the steps to activate?

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